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School Operations

Get the entrance exam date, when you pass you will be contacted.
School resumes 7:30am with assembly (twice a week) interactive lessons starts at 8:00am, with two breaks in between. school closes 2:30pm and prep lasts for an hour after school. The day continues for boarders with siesta, supper, and night prep.
We have zero tolerance for indiscipline. We appreciate good morals values and good manners all the times.
We admit into JSS1 AND JSS2 every September. Enrollment starts Jan-Aug yearly.


Entrance into JSS1student must be at least 10years by the end of the year. Entrance into JSS2 students must be at least 11years.
The school fee is very affordable, there is also an offer of over 70% international scholarship.
Yes, skill learning, sports , press club, Jet club , music ,Creative art.

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